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Ma Sree Theory

Invention of Ma Sree Theory Of Astrology

Our traditional Indian Astrology is parasara system. In addition to this, K.P. System came into prominence during the Nineteen Sixties. Sri Mandala Srinivas had completed three levels of courses at K.P. Stellar Astrological Research Institute, (K.P.S.A.R.I) Chennai, awarded with Jyothish Vidhwan Mani and Jyothish Maha Mahopadhyaya, Jyothisya Thribhuvan and Jyothishya Bhaskara, who has 15 years experience in the field of K.P. System of Astrology. He had found the reasons for the failure of predictions based on K.P. System and traditional system.

Ma Sree Theory

Now he invented a New Theory of astrology known as Ma Sree Theory which will give cent percent accurate predictions hence there is no scope for failure of results. You can consult him for the following problematic subjects and get exact Results with full details (Predictions in Depth with full details).


  1. Finance & Financial Position (Property)

    • Will i become Multi Millionaire ?, Will i get finance by borrowing ?

    • Will i earn in my life ?, Can i gain Lottery ?

    • When will i recover my Lost Money ?, Will i get ancestor’s Property ?

    • When will i buy a house ?, When i Dispose my House ?

    • When will i be free from business financial worries ?

    • Will i get money through speculation (or) Shares ?

    • Can i have house, Car, Land etc ?, When will i sell my property ?

  2. Business – Business Life

    • Can i succeed in share market ?, Shall i Open a Jewellery Shop ?

    • Will i start a business ?, If so when ?

    • Will my partner be lucky to me in business ?

    • Will i Avoid my present partner ?, Will i do business or services ?

    • When will i be free from business financial worries ?

    • Can i have and an industry of my own ?

    • Will i invent successfully ?, Will my business be in profit or loss ?

    • Is import/Export Business Suitable to me ?

  3. Employment – Employment Carrier

    • When will i get a Government Job ?, Can i succeed in my interview ?

    • When will i get Promotion ?, Can i be expect a transfer, when ?

    • Will i be Terminated from Service ?, Any re-appointment for me ?

    • Will i become a Doctor or an Engineer ?

  4. Abroad – Abroad Chance

    • Will i settle in Abroad ?, Any Abroad Education ?

    • Can i have foreign collaboration ?

  5. Easy income – Children and their Development

    • Will i have a child ?, Can i succeed in share market ?

    • Can i succeed in money Lending Business ?

  6. Marriage & Married Life

    • Will my love affair materialize ?, Marriage is promised or not ?

    • Can i get Divorce from Partner ?, Can i re-union with my Life Partner ?

    • Is there second marriage for me ?, Is Life Partner employee or unemployed ?

  7. Education & Educational Life

    • Will i get education ?, Any Abroad Education ?

    • Will i Succeed in my examination ?, Nature of education & Profession ?

  8. Politics & Political Life

    • Will i get name and fame ?, Can i succeed in Politics ?

    • Can i become a Chief Minister ?, Can i become an M.L.A. ?

  9. Health & Happiest Life

    • Will my life be happy ?, Any cure for my disease ?

    • Will i achieve my ambition ?

  10. Court disputes & Success

    • Will my be appeal in the court be successful ?

    • Will i have victory over my enemies ?

    • Any Imprisonment for me ?

  11. Philosopher & Philosophical Life

    • Can i become sanyasi ?

    • Will i have satisfactory spiritual Life ?

  12. Cine field – Success in Cini Field

    • Can i prosper as an actress (or) Actor ?

    • Can i succeed in Cine field as technician (or) producer (or) Director ?

Highlights Of Ma Sree Theory

  • No failure in results so Exact Results are possible.

  • We can predict parent’s future according to the date of birth and birth of children.

  • We have Horary Astrology (Prasna Jatakam) for who don’t know the date of birth and time of birth.

Our Astrological Expert "Jyotish Maha Mahopadhyaya"

Ma Sree

Astro-Psychic-Clairvoyant & Inventor of Ma Sree Theory in Astrology

MA History (AU).,MA Religious Studies(AU)
M.A. English (SKDU) M.A. in Astrology (P.S.T.U.)
Jyothish Visharadh (K.P.S.A.R.I) Chennai
Jyothish Vachaspathi (K.P.S.A.R.I) Chennai
Diplo in Saive Sidhanta (Ann. U)

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