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1. Consultancy for who knows

  1. a) Date of birth

  2. b) Time of birth

  3. c) Place of birth

2. First Visit for registration by Presence of the consultant or by phone:

  1. a) The Candidate Should Select Required Problematic Subjects.

  2. b) The Candidate Should give the date of birth and time of birth along with place of birth in a format.

  3. c) The Astrologer will Fix the fee according to subjects opted by the Candidate.

  4. d) The Candidate Should give the Postal Address along with phone number.

3) Second Visit for Results by Presence of the consultant or by Post Only

  1. a) Soon after Registration along with payment of fee online the astrologer will dispatch your results after 6 days by Post.

  2. b) This is Pucca theory, there is no independent software in this theory so far. So it takes Time for predictions.

SPL NOTE:- The above 1 and 2 Visits may be by presence of the candidate or by phone/post.

Consultancy by email

Video Chat / Messenger

You can chat face to face (video chat) with us online on every SUNDAY from 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM only.

Messenger ID: masreeastrotheory@yahoo.in

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